The Road to Becoming an Orthdontist

November 29, 2016

Planning to go to a dental school? That’s a great decision. As a dentist, you can help people in many different ways. You can be a specialist in gums, bone structure, therapy, and even epidemiology. Read More

The Walking Bleach Technique in In-House Teeth Whitening

September 29, 2016

The ‘walking bleach’ technique is the most popular in-house whitening solution for intrinsic teeth pigmentation. Like conventional teeth-whitening treatments done at home and in the dental practice, its main ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, but only Read More

The Skinny on Corsets

March 13, 2016

Like many women, you might be curious about how your favourite Hollywood actresses maintain their perfect figures. More than once, you might have heard them talk about using shapewear, or corsets. Although you want to Read More

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