About Us

Welcome to Georgia Digest—your online home for living a healthy, meaningful, and fabulous life. We offer the latest health, lifestyle, fitness, beauty, and fashion news, features, trends, and updates. Here, you’ll find a lot of resources about workouts, strategies to help you eat right, natural solutions for common health problems, as well as the latest developments about science, health, and body.

We are dedicated to helping you lead a healthy, happy, and fun life! Shape your life. Eat hearty. Get Fit. Live to the fullest.

The Tenets of Georgia Digest

  1. A happy life is a choice. Make that choice today and every day.
  2. Your health is not a gift; it’s a habit you need to plant, take care of, and cultivate.
  3. A physically-fit body is not enough; true health and fitness involves body, mind, and spirit.
  4. Don’t focus more on what you should eat. Instead, think more of what you shouldn’t.
  5. Nurture your spirit and the rest will follow.
  6. It’s never too late to take the first step towards a healthy life.

What Makes Us Unique?

We believe that everyone needs a little help in life. Georgia Digest aims to provide this the best way we can – by empowering you with information that will help you live a better life. Whether it’s about food, fitness, fashion, health, or inspiration to help you get going, we’re there to support you.

The Georgia Digest team is here to help you live stronger, happier, and healthier. We’re passionate about the power of the right food, healthy living, well-researched studies, fitness practices, and we aim to share this to our members.

We share news, features, and other content that we think can help spark an evolution of change in you, our readers. Hopefully, we can help inspire at least a little lifestyle change.

We serve as a platform where the community can connect, inform, and inspire. We encourage conversations, especially if it helps empower others.

Join us and help us make life easier for everyone!