Why Women Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Lift Weights

a woman weight lifting

Weight training has long been associated with men. The stereotype of bodybuilders with bulging muscles has made weight training intimidating for women. There’s this misconception that women who lift weights will have bulging bodies instead of soft, feminine curves. In Massachusetts, women’s fitness studios are breaking that myth with personal training sessions that include weight training. Lifting weights not only tones targeted areas in the body, but it also strengthens muscles over time. Hence, it is important to have weight training exercises that target the lower back and the core.

Burn Fat More Effectively

Weight training is effective in burning fat and helps you lose weight faster. Cardiovascular exercises, like running, biking, and Zumba, burn calories and strengthen the cardiovascular system. This is good. However, if you want to lose weight faster, weight training can help you achieve that. Experts say that strength training increases the body’s metabolic rate, making individuals burn calories. What’s even better is that the fat-burning process continues after you’ve stopped exercising. Additionally, the more lean muscle you develop, the more muscle contractions you have during exercise. This results in more weight loss.

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Promote Bone Health

Weight training also helps women have healthier bones, especially after menopause. When women go into menopause, there is a dip in the production of the critical hormone, estrogen. This is responsible for a lot of bodily functions, including protecting bones.  Over the years, women can develop thinner bones, making them more prone to injuries. While the condition cannot be reversed, proper nutrition and exercise contribute to making bones strong and healthy. Resistance training is recommended at least twice weekly for post-menopausal women. The areas which are given special attention to are the legs, hips, and back.

Have a personal trainer create a specialized weight-training program for you. It will target your fatty areas and help you achieve your fitness goals faster.