What to Look for When Buying High-Quality Hairdressing Scissors

male hairdresser styling customer

Hairdressers who have achieved a level of skill and experience can charge high for a haircut. As a matter of fact, some would even go as far as to pay $800 for a haircut alone, not including the additional services and products. When hairstylists have been providing high-quality results for so long, they’ll find customers willing to pay more for a good cut.

No hairdresser can achieve such high skill without the right tools, however. A cheap pair of shears may last a few months before chipping and needing constant re-sharpening. A good pair may be worth more than the average pair of scissors, but don’t be fooled into thinking that a high price tag means high quality. You can determine which scissors are worth the investment by watching for these two factors.

Steel Quality

Hairdressing scissors are made with steels which vary in quality and durability. Yasaka shears are one example of high-quality stainless steel products from Japan. The company’s scissors have raw, pure iron resistant to abrasion and corrosion. Its scissors are made from ATS 314 steel, arguably the best steel made by Hitachi Metals, a specialty steel company that also provides steel to trains, aeroplanes, and infrastructures.

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Scissors made with high-quality steel such as this can last longer than your average pair. You can expect to work with these shears for a long time without it losing its sharpness, wearing out, or damaging the fulcrum to the point where you cannot control your scissor’s movement.

The Seller

The problem with shopping for high-quality scissors is that it is easy for any seller to claim the shears are made from Japanese steel and then sell it at a higher price than it is really worth. To protect your investment, never shop in a store that cannot guarantee the authenticity of the tool, or offers shears at extremely low prices than the average price.

Some businesses may have partnerships with the manufacturers or buy products directly from them to gain more profit or sell them at lower prices. But if the price is too good to be true, it probably is.

When you want to think long-term and find shears that will help you perform better and provide better quality haircuts, look at the steel quality you are buying. Japanese steel scissors cost more, but they may last longer than your average pair. Because of the high value of their products, only buy from trusted sellers.