Ski Essentials for the Modern Senior Skier


Skiing has gone through some major and drastic upgrades. Not only are the clothes and equipment changing, but the age range of competitive and recreational skiers are rising as well. If you’re one of these athletic seniors who want to give skiing a shot, here are some essential gear tips for you to start with:

Full Outfits

Layers are what make a proper ski outfit. They keep you warm, protect you from top to bottom, and make you feel confident and stylish. Choose ski clothing that fits you perfectly, something that you can put on and take off without too much trouble and lets you carry all your essentials when traveling. Thankfully, there are Bogner women’s pants that have these features, along with being both modern and efficient for elderly use.


Though skiing helps you keep fit and healthy, it’s still going to take a toll on your body. Remember to ask your physician if he or she can recommend any form of medicine or painkillers. Whether it’s a topical cream, menthol pads, or something ingested, make sure that your medication won’t interfere with your fun.

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Safety Gear

No matter how old or young a skier is, everyone needs safety gear. This goes double for seniors. These can include goggles, helmets, and face masks to start. It’s important to ask local snow shops for the best safety gear for seniors first before buying anything. Since this is incredibly important, make sure that you invest in the best items that you can afford.


Skiers will often be walking around in their boots all day, and it will happen more often than actually skiing down a slope. Bad footwear can take a heavy toll on your knees and ankles, so look for some of the better and lighter boots available. Your body will thank you for it.

Now that you’re more mature, you have to think harder about your safety and comfort. Buying better ski equipment and outfits can become a necessity for you. Check out the modern offerings of your sport shops to see what you can benefit best from.