All in a day’s work

Dental Implants

A complete home renovation can take months if not years to complete. Most people wouldn’t expect it to go any quicker, after all it’s a major undertaking. At the sight of a jaw full of failing teeth or no teeth at all, many would understandably assume that restoring that many teeth with dental implants in South Yorkshire would take countless visits to the dentist. That may have been the case when dental implants first came on the market decades ago but things have moved on and it is now possible to restore an entire arch of teeth in a single visit with same day implants.

The innovation of All-on-4

The first thing worth knowing about dental implants in South Yorkshire, provided by dental practices such as PDC Dental Implants, is that a single implant can hold up to three teeth in a row and with the innovation of the All-on-4 technique just four implants can support an entire arch of teeth. In the latter case, this is made possible by strategically placing the implants at carefully planned positions and angles, which provide the greatest level of stability and support to the implants and so the replacement teeth.

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How can a whole arch of teeth be replaced in one day?

For anyone who has done a bit of research into dental implants in South Yorkshire, they’ll know that it takes time for the implants to fuse with the jawbone, usually a few months. So how can a whole arch of teeth be replaced in a single day? With temporary restorations. After the implant surgery, temporary teeth will be attached so that patients can leave the dental practice with a toothy smile. Patients will still need to observe a soft food diet while their implants integrate with their jawbone. After this process of integration has completed, patients return to have permanent restorations attached.

Provisions for nervous patients

Undergoing surgery for dental implants in South Yorkshire is enough to make most patients feel anxious. While local anaesthetic takes care of the pain, it may not be enough to calm the nerves of especially anxious patients. That’s why most dental practices provide the option of sedation to help patients feel relaxed during their procedure.