5 Tips on Hiring the Right Employees for Your Salon

a client taking a selfie with the hairstylist

Hiring outstanding employees is key to creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in any successful salon. The hiring process is, therefore, critical. At all costs, steer clear of mistakes that lead to onboarding the wrong personnel. Whether you are recruiting hairdressers in Tauranga for a new or established salon, you should be well-equipped and utilise the right resources for the process to succeed.

1. Define your ideal candidate clearly

To distinguish between an ideal candidate and one who is not, establish upfront what qualities you are looking for. Scrutinise their personality, education, skills, experience and license. Set your irreducible minimum requirements and also establish those you are willing to compromise.

2. Describe your salon’s culture

Every organisation has a set business culture which influences the way people interact, how you carry on your business and handle the demands of your clients. It is important to hire people who share the same core values as you. Failing this, the new recruits will have a hard time adapting and handling work. When interviewing, lead the discourse in a direction that gauges their compatibility.

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3. Advertise in places where your ideal candidates are likely to find the information

To find the right employees, you need to target places where they are likely to be found. Such places can be your salon’s website career page, social media pages, local cosmetology schools, and salon industry sites as well as word-of-mouth.

4. Give a comprehensive interview

Ensure your interview meets all your requirements. Assess the candidates’ technical skills, communication skills, professional skills, and hair and skin care knowledge.

5. Consider hiring on probation

This provides room to review a candidate’s performance over time. If they fit in seamlessly, they may be able to serve your company in the long term. If not, consider keeping them on probation.