3 Types of Modern Hunting Weapons

woman aiming with bow

In early years, hunting was a means of survival for our ancestors. These days, it remains one of the most popular hobbies and sports. Through its licensing, hunting has become one of the most significant monetary contributors towards conservation in America.

There are many methods of hunting and as many weapons to support them, which you can get at hunting stores in Michigan and other states. Some are, however, reserved for seasoned hunters. Here are the simplest weapons you can choose for your hunting trip today:


Depending on the size of your game, you can opt for handguns, rifles, or shotguns. Shotguns are typically designed for short range hunting of small game, such as rabbits and squirrels. Rifles have grooved bores that propel their bullets fast and straight, making them ideal for hunting large game. Handguns are a good option when hunting in rugged terrains where you might use your hands for maneuvering or climbing.


These firearms are typically used when stalking a large animal, such as a moose or an elk, at close range. Some states have specific hunting times when you can use a muzzleloader. Muzzleloaders are ideal for hunters looking for a traditional and exciting hunting experience.

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Crossbows and Archeries

Using archeries and crossbows for hunting requires a considerable skill and the right choice of pound bow for your hunt. In deer hunting, for instance, your bow should be at least 40 pounds for a clean kill. Crossbows and archeries are the perfect options for hunters looking for a thrill in their hunt, as they require one to get very close to the animal for an accurate shot.

Modern hunting is less of a physical sport and more of a mental one. With the above weapons, you are guaranteed of a successful hunting experience.