Let There Be Light: 3 Tips for Brightening up Your Basement

A refurbished basement can add value to your Salt Lake City home, but admittedly, renovation costs a lot. Not to mention, a stressful project. There’s a way you can spruce up your basement, though, without breaking the bank. How? Two words: natural light.

Natural light can transform the look of your basement and take out the dreary and gloomy feel it used to have. With a livable space already, you won’t have to spend much on furniture and decor just to make the area look pleasant. With that, here are the ways you can maximize natural light in your basement:

Install windows

This is an obvious solution if your basement doesn’t have any opening. Consider getting custom windows that Salt Lake City design experts offer. If you do have windows, you might want to adjust their size to let in as much natural light as it can. Of course, when you have the new windows installed, choose its treatments wisely. You wouldn’t want those heavy drapes or curtains. Instead, go for window treatments that offer better light control, such as blinds and shutters.

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Use mirrors

Mirrors reflect natural light, so you’ll be able to maximize the sunshine coming in. You can place them near windows to make an illusion of having more windows and thus, more light. You can also have it opposite your windows, so they could reflect the light and, at the same time, the outdoor view. Mirrors work well in small basements because they help make its available space look bigger.

Choose glass doors

If the basement has an exterior entry, you can swap solid doors with glass ones. You may have French doors, sliding glass doors, or sidelight-bearing window doors. Such options reflect glare, so they can light up the space considerably. If you have a basement that has a monochromatic color palette, this will additionally make the space brighter.

Let your basement receive some healthy dose of sunshine. It’s a guarantee that it will never look dreary, gloomy, and unlivable again.