Wedding Flowers: Gathering Bloom Inspirations

A view of wedding reception

While choosing your wedding flowers is an exciting task, it can also be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Many brides gather inspiration from wedding photos online or Pinterest, and this could also work for you, especially if you’re trying to work out a general vision of what you exactly want. You can then share this with a florist, so s/he can suggest other ideas or make your vision a reality.

Look for Inspiration

Flower inspirations don’t just come from online sources like Pinterest, so don’t be afraid to look for them in unexpected places. Wedding florists in Denver, Colorado suggests that you could also source inspiration from:

  • Flower selections at a local market
  • Wedding magazines
  • Wedding-themed movies/shows
  • Asking friends and families about the blooms they used at their wedding

Be Open with Other Ideas

Inspiration from images or any other source can help open pathways or new interpretations for your wedding flower selection or arrangement. This is why you shouldn’t be so obsessed with a photo, especially in trying to replicate or re-create the exact image. Wedding florists suggest being open and flexible with other ideas and trusting the pros.

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Do Some Research

Knowing the basics of wedding flowers before meeting with your florist is also beneficial. As you look for inspiration, you may also want to familiarize yourself with the common wedding blooms and decide whether you want perfumed flowers. You don’t have to be an expert on the matter; basic knowledge is enough so you won’t feel completely clueless when talking to a florist.

Match it with Your Wedding

In most cases, it is best for your blooms to match the overall style of the wedding. A formal wedding, for instance, calls for traditional wedding flowers and orderly arrangements, while an informal one can have varied blooms with loose arrangements and some DIY details. You may also want to use some adjectives like elegant, chic, vintage, or rustic when explaining the style of your wedding to a florist.

It is so easy to get your heart set on a specific image or flower when choosing your wedding blooms. While knowing what you want and don’t want can help, it is still best to trust a florist, who can guide you in creating the right look for your event. Contact an event florist today and choose the best wedding blooms for you and your partner.