Top Items You Need for Your Bicycle

Bicycle shop

When buying a bike, the spending doesn’t actually end after you paid for it. You will likewise need to spend some cash on the things that will make riding the bike safer and easier. Check out some of these items below.

Useful Additions

While the bicycle you bought is already functional, some additions will make it even better. High-quality bicycle accessories, such as mirrors, bells or horns, and front and rear lights will make riding the bike safer. A bottle cage and a handlebar-mounted phone holder will let you access your water bottle and mobile phone easily while riding. If you want extra cargo space, you can also add a basket, a cargo box or a child carrier.

Essential Items

For your bike’s proper storage and maintenance, you will need to buy some necessary items. If you are going to store your ride in a small apartment, for example, you should consider installing wall or ceiling hooks or getting a free-standing rack.

Investing in a bike cover for dust and water protection is likewise a great idea, especially if your bicycle will be stored outdoors. To maintain or repair your bike, a basic tool kit with a pump, wrenches and others will come in handy.

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Protective Gear

Of course, you will need some items to protect yourself when you’re out there riding your bike. The most important of which is the helmet. Don’t skimp on this protective headgear as it can mean the difference between a minor and severe concussion in case of an accident. Wearing gloves, eyewear, anti-pollution masks and mouthguards is likewise recommended. If you have extra cash, you can buy elbow and knee guards as well for added protection.

Whenever you are ready to buy a bike, allot some money for the other important items that will make owning this type of vehicle more enjoyable.