Makeup 101: The Search for the Right Concealer


In the field of the makeup and cosmetics industry, concealer somehow holds a special place in the hearts of many beauty enthusiasts. It’s the quick fix they need to neutralize and even out any discoloration or blemishes on their faces.

Whether or not you’re a newbie in this field, knowing which concealer to choose is essential to give you a flawless look. To spot the right shade of concealer that goes perfectly with your skin tone, here are a few tips from Kerstin Florian International.


As you shop for concealer, you’ll find a variety of these in different colors. This might surprise you a little but don’t worry. As long as you know the color wheel you will be fine. Now, when selecting shade for your concealer, it all depends on what you’re trying to cover.

Bluish or dark circles call for yellow or peach tones. For concealing the redness of zits or blemishes, green-tone concealer is the best choice. Remember the key lies in what you’re trying to even out.


Once you figure out what shade to go for, the next thing you need to consider is the consistency of concealer. For the skin around the eyes, choose a cream or hydrating formula since this area tends to be delicate and dry.

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For the inner corners of the face, the best brightening concealer formula to pick is the one with light-reflecting particles. If you want to cover up the redness of zits or blemishes, you would need to pick a heavily pigmented concealer that will draw away light from these areas.


To perfect the flawless look, you need to learn how you could apply the concealer evenly. You have to understand the basics of its application. Otherwise, you’ll end up ruining everything. First off, be sure you’ve prepped your skin, especially the area around your eyes.

Patting a moisturizer could give you a luminous look and control the appearance of fine lines. Next, be sure to do your make up under the natural light. This is to keep yourself from overdoing the concealer.

Complete your makeup regimen by knowing which concealer to pick. It may seem a little confusing at first, but the key lies on how well you know your skin. Once you get past this stage, it’ll be easier to find the right formula and shade.