For the Good of Your Eyesight: Best Practices

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There is a big difference between seeing and seeing clearly. 20/20 vision is integral to many people, especially when they drive and work. For many, taking care of their eyesight is the best way to keep their independence and health.

Your eyesight can be affected by many factors. Knowing these factors could help slow down the onset of some eye conditions including myopia, astigmatism and farsightedness.

Different Ways to Give Your Eyes a Break

Caring for the eyes should be included in one’s overall health considerations. However, many individuals overlook this vital part of health maintenance. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul; conversely, your eyes are your windows to the outside world, to what’s happening to your surroundings.

You should go for an eye examination regularly to determine if you have any existing eye condition or problem. If you are given eye-wear prescriptions, make sure to follow them. International Eye-wear recommends that you choose the best eye-wear manufacturers to provide for your needs.

Below are some other ways to safeguard the health of your eyes:

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Refrain from over-straining your eyes with the prolonged use of the computer, tablet or mobile phone

People are rarely without phones or laptops. However, it is vital to rest the eyes now and then. Closing your eyes for a couple of minutes or staring into the distance can help. You should also blink often to ensure that your eyes get enough lubrication while you’re on your computer.

Make sure to get ample sleep

Not sleeping enough hours a night can result in blurred vision. Getting enough sleep is essential for your eyes and your overall health.

Avoid prolonged sun exposure, as this may also damage your eyesight

You can use sunglasses with your prescription lenses or use a wide-brimmed hat when you expect to spend some time under the sun.

Eat a balanced diet

Not many people will associate their bad eyesight with a bad diet, but suffice to say what we eat affects every part of the body. Eat fruits and vegetables, especially those with vitamin C, E and zinc.

It’s not enough to keep your eyes clean and bright. You need to eat well, sleep a lot, and avoid hurting your eyes through bright sunlight.