Differentiate Your Barbershop with 2 Incredibly Smart Moves

Barber Chair in Unique Barbershop

If you are looking for an incredible way to give you barbershop an edge in the market, you need to differentiate the services you offer. You have the option of sticking with the classic style or plunge into the more contemporary styles.

The moment you buy barber clippers and use them to style a client’s hair, you become part of lucrative sector projected to hit $26 billion by the year 2020. The growing popularity of good grooming among the men is to thank for these staggering figures. With such a huge pie on the table, it’s only fair that you rethink your business strategy to get a bigger share of the market.

Refine your business approach

There’s more to a barber shop than just cutting hair. The way you style and cut hair is a great way to differentiate your services and gain an edge. You may choose to stick with the classic shaving methods that involve the more traditional tools such as straight razors. Or, you may opt to pursue the more contemporary approach to hair styling, cutting, and coloring that is popular with both men and women.

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Your choice of services helps to distinguish your barbershop from the competition. However, you need to consider the market needs and available clientele before choosing an approach. You need to be sure that there’s a demand for that service before taking the plunge.

Refine your range of services

Just as your shaving technology helps to differentiate your services, so does the range of hairstyles you provide. You stand a better chance of success if your clientele associates you with certain hairstyles. For instance, you could specialize in the classic cuts, such as the buzz cut, crew cut, or high and tight.

You can also be the creative barber shop that is renowned for alternative styles, such as fades, elaborate Mohawks, or any conceivable style. Don’t forget the growing popularity of trendy facial hair. The ability to meet any styling needs, from closely trimmed goatee to the handlebar mustache, lets you stay ahead of the curve.

As people become more conscious about their looks, they take personal grooming seriously. Such developments spell good news for your barbershop, but you need to differentiate your services to stay ahead of the competition.