5 Tips to Make Hair Scissors Last for a Long Time

Male Hairstylist Cutting Hair

Hair scissors play an important role in the daily operation of a salon business. Therefore, it is wise that you invest in nothing but good, long-lasting scissors. However, remember that even the most expensive pairs of scissors could rust or break not long after it’s bought when not properly taken care of.

To make sure your hair scissors will always do its job efficiently for a long time, you must follow these tips on scissor maintenance:

1. Clean

If you don’t want to buy hairdressing scissors online soon, always clean the scissors after each use. To clean, simply wipe out hair and chemicals using a soft, dry cloth. Clean it again at the end of the day before storage. Then again, as Scissor Tech US noted, there’s no harm in buying another pair so you have a reserve.

2. Lubricate

Before storing, lubricate the pivot with oil. Never do it with clipper oil, though, as this can damage the nylon or rubber parts of the scissors. Oiling the pivot area and blades will help avoid moisture and make the scissors feel smoother when used.

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3. Store

Wrap the scissors in a soft, dry cloth or keep it inside its case. Then, store it in a safe and dry place, such as a drawer.

4. Adjust

Adjust the scissors after every use. You can loosen or tighten its screw based on how comfortable you’d be when using it. Remember not to adjust too tightly, as this will make the scissors difficult to use when styling.

5. Sharpen

When the scissors feel crunchy when it cuts hair or when hair slides away when you cut it, then it’s time for a sharpening. Professional sharpening every six months is the best for hair scissors. Remember also that the more you sharpen, the faster its life would be.

Investing in good pairs of scissors is good for your salon business. But to make the most of your hair cutting shears, you should care for them by proper cleaning, lubricating, adjusting, sharpening, and storing.