Wax In, Wax Out: Get Swimsuit-Ready for the Summer

Woman Undergoing Waxing Session

Summer is the season for beaches, swimsuits, and lounging around, soaking up the sun. For many girls, this also means the season for body hair removal. After all, it’s hard to get the sleek bikini look you want without first grooming the stray hairs down there. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of establishments that offer bikini and Brazilian wax services in Salt Lake City.

If you’re a newbie to waxing your intimate area, it’s good to know what you’re diving headfirst into.

Bikini VS Brazilian

A bikini wax is recommended if it’s your first time to get your intimate area waxed. It’s less painful than a Brazilian as it involves a smaller skin area. A regular bikini wax removes hair outside the swimsuit or panty line. Of course, you can also opt to have the tops and sides trimmed or extend the hair removal a little higher in.

On the other hand, a full Brazilian removes all your hair down there. This means front, back, sides, and even between your butt. A full Brazilian is great if you’re wearing a more revealing swimsuit or if you just enjoy the smoothness of going bare.

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Take note, however, that it’s better to postpone your Brazilian wax appointment if you’ve just finished, started, or will be starting your period in a few days. Wait until the skin goes back to its normal sensitivity levels to avoid additional discomfort.

Professional vs. DIY

It’s always best to leave waxing to the professionals, especially if you are new to the grooming treatment. The specialists who perform the procedure have the skills to do it properly, after all. Furthermore, the wax and materials used at waxing salons are often of higher quality and not sold commercially.

If you’re short on funds or are uncomfortable about having a virtual stranger wax your intimate area, you can try waxing yourself at home. Do your research first. Google tips on the right way to wax, as well as after-care instructions, and follow it carefully. Don’t expect to get the same quality of results as a waxing salon, however, especially on your first rodeo.

Feel more confident this summer by getting a little self-care and grooming your body. Whether you opt for a regular bikini or full Brazilian wax, you’ll conquer the beach with your smooth skin and radiate confidence in your swimsuit.