Savouring Singapore: Where to Eat When You’re in the City-State

Merlion in Singapore

Like most Asian destinations, Singapore has its cuisine as one major attraction. Sure, people may embark on a trip to the Merlion or to Sentosa, but at the end of the day, they would want to wind down and recharge with some tasty food. The thing about food in Singapore though, is that it comes with a twist, which often shows in the quirks of the restaurant that serves it.

One Faber Group cites some of the trending food places in Singapore.

Dining on Cloud 9

What they mean by dining on cloud 9 is that you will be treated to a 4-course meal while inside a private cable car cabin high above the city. The privacy and cosiness make it ideal for couples looking for romantic getaways. You may choose between a standard cabin and the more luxurious floral cabin. You have 90 minutes to savour both the meals and the city views below.

Singapore Delights Cable Car

Singapore delights cable car is more suitable for families. Up to four people can be allowed inside a cable car cabin and the menu prohibits pork or lard in their food. As with most safety guidelines, flammable items like helium balloons are not allowed inside the cabin, so make sure your children are not bringing any.

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Dusk Restaurant and Bar

In case you are wondering why the establishment has dusk as its name, it is because their location on Faber Peak hilltop gives you a great view of the sunset. It also gives panoramic views of Sentosa Island and Harbourfront. The restaurant specialises in European cuisine, while the bar offers an expansive list of wines. They likewise concoct nitro-frost cocktails, which can stay chilled longer than normal drinks.

Good Old Days

International cuisine is exciting, but if you prefer Singaporean cuisine, you need to dine at Good Old Days. The restaurant serves local favourites, such as chicken rice, laksa or Nasi Lemak. The dishes are Halal-approved, which is a plus for those who eat Halal food back home.

Singapore as a tourist destination is not just known for its historical landmarks or island getaways. It is likewise a food hub for people who want to enjoy Singaporean food. It is no wonder the garden city welcomes millions of tourists each year.