Reiki Healing Course: Can Your Business Benefit from It?

Woman having Reiki treatment

Most of the time, the training courses advertised focus on the majority of the techniques and details of Reiki healing, but not on how it can help your personal and business life.

Due to various life stresses, imbalances may occur in your mind and body, hence negatively affecting the performance of your business. This article focuses on three main business areas, which experience increased abundance and benefits by adding Reiki 2 healing courses offered by companies like Vagabond Temple to their line of business.

Holistic Therapist

Therapists who offer hot stone therapy, reflexology or holistic massages benefit from adding Reiki healing to their lists of services. You may choose to incorporate Reiki as a stand-alone service, which takes approximately one hour, or combine it with a therapy that you already offer. This will make a comprehensive treatment for your clients, guaranteeing you repeated bookings. It also makes your spa stand out from the rest due to the extra services offered.

Beauty Therapist

There are two ways in which you can use Reiki healing in your beauty salon. One is through listing it as one of the treatment services that you offer. The second way is through adding Reiki to your products. Since Reiki can go into any cream or liquid, you may add Reiki to your facial creams and treatment lotions to give them the extra kick.

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You do not have to work as a healer to use Reiki energy. Reiki level 2 teaches about space clearance and how to set energetic boundaries. Therefore, if you work in an office where there are plenty of meetings and other colleagues’ interaction, you need to organise and channel the energy to you and your business. This Reiki course also teaches you of a symbol, which you can use to clear your office of discordant or stagnant energy, giving you more productive meetings.

Reiki energy is as creative and as flexible as you allow it to be. As such, ensure that you do not stand in your way to a better life or a more successful business by not utilising Reiki energy correctly.