Hairstyling Focus: Hair Thinning Scissors

scissors, comb and blonde hair

Having the right tool for the right job is an integral part of success. Whether you are a professional or just starting out — a good pair of hair thinning scissors expands your styling repertoire and is an overall good investment.

Layered hairstyles are extremely difficult to achieve using standard scissors. The time and effort it takes to style layered hair are staggering, compared with how easy it is to achieve just by using hair thinning scissors.

Thinning scissors are great for adding texture, removing unwanted volume, and blending hair to appear more natural.

Choosing Your Hair Thinning Scissors

For blending and removing bulk, thinning scissors with a high tooth count are ideal. Thinning scissors that have a listed 15% removal are ideal as you can always use them multiple times in a given area. Just make sure not to overdo.

Ease of use and comfort is also an important factor. Finding a pair of hair thinning scissors that fits your hand and are comfortable to use avoids the danger of developing problems with your hand or wrist. An offset handle or a swivel scissor can help with the angles of your cuts as you use your scissors.

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As with all hairstyling scissors, quality is of prime importance. Getting your scissors from a reputable store increases your choices and provides you a better avenue when it comes to sharpening your tools.

Using Your Scissors

Thinning scissors are best for cutting dry hair. You will most probably need for them when styling shorter hair or when styling for men. However, every time you need to layer, add texture, or remove a bit of volume — you will always find a use for thinning scissors.

Unlike regular hair cutting scissors, thinning scissors take a little more mastery of using. With time, effort, and a bit of guidance — you will soon be using thinning scissors like an expert.