3 Tips on Buying Your First Hairstyling Scissors

cutting bangs

Whether you are seriously considering hairstyling as a career or you just have an interest in cutting hair, the first pair of haircutting scissors you buy will greatly affect your results. Here are three things to look for when buying your first pair:

1. Material

Unlike typical scissors, hair cutting scissors are made with extremely hard steel. Ensuring the cutting blades keep their edge for a longer period of time. High-quality hair scissors are very durable and may need sharpening only once per year.

Some specialised hair scissors are made with softer steel. These scissors don’t hold their edge as long but the blades are sharper. It minimises the damage hair takes from styling, but increases the frequency of the need for sharpening.

2. Make

While sharpness is a priority when looking at your options, a high-quality make is just as important. The blades should slide smoothly and not stick or have that grinding feeling. How well you cut hair will depend on how smooth your scissors perform.

Beveled edge scissors are ideal for beginners since they are hardier and less expensive than convex edge scissors. Convex edge scissors deliver a smoother cut, but they are more frail and a single drop may damage the blade and require immediate sharpening.

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3. Ergonomics

Finding scissors that fit well with your hand and are comfortable to use is also important. Uncomfortable handles or uncomfortable positions can lead to health problems, so your choice must meet your ergonomic requirements. Offset handles are better than symmetrical and swivel scissors provide more comfort, although they may take a little getting used to.

Buying your first hairstyling scissors is an important step. Be sure to try them out to see how smooth they cut and how well they fit your hand. It’s worth your time to compare the different models until you find one that definitely suits you.