The Hairdresser’s Guide to the Four Steps of a Haircut

Ironing the hair

If you are a haircutter, you are in charge of cutting hair according to a specific desired style, which means your hands should be dexterous with hairdressing scissors and shavers. Here are the basics of styling hair and completing a haircut.

Moisturising dry hair

First, wash your client’s hair by either having his or her head tilted back on a salon chair or spraying water on the hair while your client is sitting upright. The dampened hair rids it of frizz, which makes it easier to cut.

Styling the hair

Hairdressers then proceed to the main part, in which you will cut lengths of hair or style certain parts of it. It all depends on what your customer wants. They may want to have their hair curled, dyed or straightened, in which case you will use curling irons, straightening tools or dyeing treatments.

Disinfecting with alcohol

In case of a haircut, you may apply disinfectant alcohol on an area on the scalp that your client wants to be shaved. A common example would be sideburns; men who want their sideburns styled means the barber will rub alcohol on the side of their heads.

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Using talcum powder

Normally, bits of cut hair remain on the nape or neck after a haircut, and this might cause itchiness. You can prevent this by putting talcum powder on your client’s nape and neck, and then brush the hair bits and powder off.

In conclusion, hairdressing takes serious skill to learn even though some may think it is easy and simple. Hairdressers always know that preparing with the right tools is key to doing clean yet stylish haircuts.