4 Things You Need to Know about Being an Equestrian

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Have you always been a horse-lover since you were young? Do you sometimes picture yourself mounted and riding effortlessly like a professional equestrian? Riding a horse can be an exhilarating sport and can easily be learned by anyone passionate enough about it.

Of course, there are things you have to know and earn before you can be one. A.A. Callister believes that wearing the right gear is important to make you feel your best when riding. It also wouldn’t hurt to know something about equine care and behavior.

You don’t necessarily have to start young

There’s no strict rule that you can only become an equestrian if you start young. Just like most things, learning something at a young age will have its advantages. But it’s not a requirement to be an equestrian.

It’s not a rich man’s sport

Many people have the notion that riders are rich kids and snobs. This is a very common misconception. You’ll be surprised how down to earth equestrians can be and how most of them weren’t raised in a rich family.

It’s not dangerous

Most sports are dangerous if you don’t know how to play them. And if you truly want to be good at one sport, you’ll do what you can to be prepared for anything that can happen. Riding a horse is no different.

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Having a strong core is essential

Your core is what’s going to keep you balanced and help you control the ride. Yes, you’ll also need your leg and arm muscles, but their movements will still get their strength from your core.

Just like all things in this life, it will take a lot of hard work and dedication to become a professional equestrian. Just remember that as long as the passion is there to learn, you can be the best equestrian you can ever be.