Fishing Gear Categories: Types of Fishing Nets

Happy angler with zander fishing trophy

Most modern fishing techniques can be categorized as trapping, spearing, handpicking, angling, dewatering, and netting. With netting being the most popular option among all, exploring the types of nets available to you becomes important.

Fishing nets are available in multiple sizes and shapes, with the options being narrowed down into either passive or active. The active nets are mobile and are therefore dragged through the water to catch fish. The passive category, on the other hand, is fixed and allows fish and other marine life to swim into them. So, which net should you go for when you shop at the nearest fishing gear store in Michigan?


These consist of a net bag attached to a strong frame. They are towed by pulling them from a boat while collecting fish and other marine animals. While they are majorly used in ocean bottoms, they are also ideal for use in mid-waters to capture specific fish breeds, such as rockfish, hake, Atlantic cod, other ground fishes, and shrimps.

Seine Nets

These weighted bottom nets are normally placed in waters that surround a school of fish. Then a purse seine draws in the bottom of the net and captures all the fish inside it. Seine nets capture approximately 50% of commercial salmon. Additionally, they are used to capture herring fish.

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This type of net is placed inside the water and captures all the fish that try to swim through it by their gills. This net is diversified since it can be set in a circle, a line, stationery or drifting. It is used to capture at least 25% of the salmon fish breed available in the market. It is also recommended for capturing Manitoba white fish.

Regardless of the fishing net that you choose, ensure that your gear minimizes unnecessary impact on the marine ecosystem as well as the target species. For instance, your gear may have excluder devices or escape zones on the nets to easily let go of unwanted animals.