Find the Right Jeweler for Your Engagement Ring

An elegant diamond engagement ring

One of the most critical decisions in your relationship is when you decide to propose to your significant other. Whether you’ve been in a long-term stable relationship or just in it for a few blissful months, asking their hand in marriage is not an easy thing to do.

When you finally decide to spend the rest of your lives with them, you would want to make it special. Getting an engagement ring to match your proposal can be daunting. Here are three practical tips to help you get the perfect ring for your beloved.

1. Know their preferences.

The key to getting the perfect ring for your significant other is to know their style and aesthetics. This takes time and keen observation. Are they drawn to classic and sophisticated styles in clothing and jewelry or do they go for the more unusual pieces?

Keep your eyes open on what they like and see whether there are patterns to their preferences. It also wouldn’t hurt to ask their closest friends and family for recommendations. But remember to keep it discrete.

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2. Get help from the pros.

While there are a lot of engagement rings for sale online, you are not sure if they have the value they advertise. When it comes to a significant purchase such as an engagement ring, you would want to transact with professional New York jewelers. You might start with recommendations from friends and family, but it is always wise to consult the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to get a more accurate perspective of customers’ preferences. You would know which New York jewelers are worth your time.

3. Check the fine print.

Reputable New York jewelers would not hesitate to discuss return policy and warranties with you. If one jeweler is reluctant, you should reconsider. Go for jewelers that are willing to discuss the fine print of the purchase with you.

Asking for your beloved’s hand in marriage and choosing the perfect ring to ask it with seems to be daunting. Keep in mind these three practical tips to ensure that you purchase the perfect engagement ring.