3 Ways To Respond To A Foreign Object In Your Eye

Woman covering eyes

A foreign object in your eye can be uncomfortable at best and dangerous at worst. While the injuries are usually minor, there are occasions when a foreign object can cause an infection and destroy your vision.

When you suspect the problem to be major, always get professional help from an optician in St. Paul, MN. In other cases, you can deal with the problem in these three ways.

Examine the object

If there’s someone with you at the time the object enters your eye, ask them to examine what it is. But if you are alone, wash your hands and sit in a well-lit area. Then look up and pull down your lower eyelid. If you can’t see it, try looking down while flipping up your upper lid. Knowing where the object is will help you remove it more quickly.

Flush out the object with clean water

Pour clean water into a flat container and immerse your face inside it. Then open and shut the affected eye severally while it’s under the water. This should flush out the object. You could also try the same using an eyecup. Dip a clean cloth in the water and use it to remove particles around the eye.

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Remove your contact lenses

If you wear contact lenses, then take them out from the affected eye before irrigating it. Often, the object can be trapped on the lenses’ undersurface. Removing the lenses thus makes it easier to remove the embedded object. Once you’ve removed the object and replaced the lens, you may still feel some irritation, especially if the object scratched your eye. Give it time.

A foreign object in your eye does not have to mess up your whole day. With so many simple and safe ways to take care of the problem, you should be back to your normal life before long.