Trendiest Barber Chairs: Must-Haves for Shops

vintage barbershop chairs

The barber chair is an integral part of shops. These chairs are available in different in materials, features, and styles. When it comes to selecting the right chair, your choice of chairs will depend on the shop’s layout and the target audience’s needs.

When shopping for barbershop equipment online, you’ll come across different chairs. One common choice is the traditional barber chair, which is controlled by hydraulics to raise and lower it and is commonly made of leather or vinyl with a chrome base. But what if the traditional choice is not for your shop?

Consider the following options when looking for equipment for your shop:

Electric Chairs

These chairs have an adjustable steel footrest and a fiberglass armrest. An electric barber chair also comes with an electric control which adjusts the chair’s height to keep you and your clients comfortable. The headrest is also typically adjustable up to about 7’’ which is ideal for close-shaving. This chair is particularly practical for cutting children’s hair as you can customize it for their relaxation.

Reclining Chairs

These chairs are designed to maximize your clients’ comfort. Reclining chairs come with a locking mechanism to avert continuous and unnecessary spinning when shaving. The leg rests, headrests and footrests of these chairs can be adjusted to multiple angles. Compared to electric chairs, these can be a little expensive.

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Heavy-Duty Chairs

These are ideal for regular use and for barbershop owners willing to invest a considerable amount of cash. They, however, are among the longest lasting, so you get to recoup your investment in the long run. Heavy-duty chairs can hold a lot of weight without making embarrassing and awkward sounds. They also come with a longer warranty compared to other modern chairs.

Swivel chairs have a heavy-duty steel frame with a 360-degree design. Before investing in a barber chair, ensure you create a solid budget and spend your money wisely. Buy your chair and all your other barbershop equipment from a reputable online shop to avoid getting fleeced and get a high-quality product.

Customer satisfaction in barbershop depends on how you deliver service. It starts with equipping the shop with the right chairs. Consider investing in quality ones today.