Hold Your Company Event at an Arcade? Why Not!

Bowling arcade

A well-organized company event usually comes at a cost. In fact, the meetings industry contributed around $115 billion to the economy last 2014, according to a study conducted by the Convention Industry Council (CIC). The money is commonly spent at resorts, city hotels, conference centers, restaurants, country clubs, and conventions centers. But, a memorable company event does not necessarily have to be synonymous with a luxurious experience or an entirely professional atmosphere.

At its core, an effective corporate event should seek to foster tighter relationships between the company and its employees. What better way to break social barriers than with friendly competition? Edison’s Entertainment Complex is an arcade than doubles as an event hall, hence offering the best of both worlds.

Full participation

While typical company activities, like team building exercises, offer an array of benefits, these methods tend to rely on a few key people to drive the group. There are a variety of less-likely avenues that can engage your entire team. Fun and competitive games like bowling can double as a good team building activity. Such games require the whole group to help and encourage each another, after all. Laser tag is definitely intense, requiring solid coordination and communication to execute strategy. Most importantly, both games place great importance on every member and their performance, as these contribute greatly to the final score.

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Don’t sweat the small stuff

Conducting the event inside an arcade means the company doesn’t have to worry about details like food, drinks, and activities since these are all to be had at the venue. There will be always be something available to accommodate the varied tastes and preferences of everyone involved. Without the extra headache, the company can work freely on other agendas of the event, like incentives and rewards for their hard-working employees.

Holding your company event at the local arcade will be a welcome surprise for your workforce. There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing tense, industrious adults let go of their inhibitions and just enjoy the day with youthful innocence. Plus, your company budget will go a longer way than if you hold your event at the usual company event haunts.