Make Your Trip to Singapore Complete with a Merlion Visit

Merlion and Singapore skyline

Singapore is known for its streets bustling with business activity, a skyline of architectural wonders, and a population that is a unique mix of West and East. Another great reason behind its fame is Sentosa, arguably the most popular and sought-after resorts in the country. After all, it offers more than just sand and sea.

The entire island boasts of numerous attractions, sights, and activities, such as Universal Studios, the S.E.A. Aquarium and Kidzania. Furthermore, you will find two of only seven approved statues here of one of the country’s most iconic images: The Sentosa Merlion. This version of the island-state’s symbol is an impressive 37-metre tall building which gives visitors an overview of the resort.

A quick history

The Merlion safeguards Singapore’s prosperity, according to local folklore. The mythical creature dates back to the 13th century when a Srivijayan prince saw a lion in the waters of the island. From its roots as a port city to the modern Asian metropolis it now embodies, the Merlion has served as Singapore’s icon, mascot, and symbol.

The Merlion in Sentosa

Of the seven approved statures of the Merlion, two are the more famous than the rest: the 8.6-metre Merlion statue with a spouting fountain near the CBD (City Business District), and the Sentosa Merlion that has a viewing deck for visitors on the ninth floor.

Many visitors wait until evening to see the Merlion’s eyes light up, but now there are other shows in Sentosa that steal the Merlion’s thunder. However, many tourists still want to see the iconic image of the island and see a bird’s eye view of Singapore’s coastlines.

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Completing your visit to Singapore

A trip to Singapore, especially for the first time, will not be complete without a much-deserved visit to this iconic statue. Fortunately, it is easy to book tickets to this must-see attraction. Best of all, Sentosa always has great deals on offer, which means you can save money and time when you buy them online. You will even find bundles and packages that will cut down your expenses. Take advantage of these offers and see Singapore’s mythical guardian.