Top Ways to Keep Your Diamonds in Pristine Condition

Close-up photo of rings with diamonds

According to a 2013 report by Jewelers of America, couples on average spent around $4000 for an engagement ring in 2012 alone. And while diamonds may be the hardest substance found on Earth, they are certainly not indestructible.
Seasoned jewelers from agree that the following practices will help keep your diamonds looking as good as new:

Limit handling of your diamonds

Your fingers can produce enough oil to change the way your diamond reflects and refracts light; therefore, altering its appearance. Even a thin veneer of oil is enough to do this. While regular cleaning helps keep your diamond in pristine condition, limiting contact with skin can do wonders for its appearance as well.

Clean your jewelry

Regular cleaning helps keep your diamonds looking crisp and clear. Mix detergent with lukewarm water and soak your diamond in the mixture for roughly 10 minutes before rinsing and re-washing using an ammonia-based cleaner.

Never use chlorine-based cleaners or a sink basin to clean your jewelry, as chlorine can corrode some metals and sink basins run the risk of your jewelry getting washed down the drain. Use a soft cloth only, as toothbrushes can be abrasive.

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See your jeweler

Consider having a professional jeweler clean your diamond jewelry for you every so often. They have specialized equipment for removing stubborn stains and other impurities. Your jeweler will often give your diamonds a professional polish as well, other than repairing loose mountings and prongs.

Jewelry tends to outlive your other possessions. With proper care and regular cleaning, you can make your diamond jewelry last a lifetime – even longer. Who knows, those pieces you keep in the vault might turn into valuable family heirlooms.