Slim Or Loose? Choosing The Best Jeans For Your Body Type

Women wearing jeans

Like women, men come in all sizes and shapes. If you want to look good in a pair of jeans, it’s not enough to simply choose a random one according to your waist size and put it on. You also have to be conscious about the fit of the jeans and see if it suits your body type.

Whether you lean toward a Western style with Cinch clothing or are into ripped jeans, there’s sure to be a pair that would fit you comfortably and accentuate your personal style. Many men often find it difficult to choose the best pair of jeans because they do not know what looks good on them.

Here’s a quick guide on how to choose the perfect pair of jeans according to your body type:

Types of jean fits

There are five common styles of men’s denim. You can often see these in the labels attached to the jeans.

  • Skinny – This has a tighter fit and is skinny from the hip down to the hem. It has a tapered leg opening and is generally low to mid-rise.
  • Slim – Not as tight as skinny jeans, this style is straight through the hip but slims down through the thigh area. It has a narrower leg opening and is generally mid-rise.
  • Regular – The first incarnation of jeans is probably in this style, which features a straight trouser leg all throughout. It is generally mid-rise and has a large leg opening.
  • Relaxed – Not too baggy and not too fit, this style features a loose fit from the waist down to the leg opening.
  • Loose – A roomy style, this cut provides ample space in the buttocks, thighs, and legs.
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Best jeans according to body type

  • Thin and slender – If you have a light build and are slender from the shoulders down to your legs, slim and regular jeans would look good on you. Even if you’re slim, you should avoid skinny jeans, which can draw attention to your skinny legs.
  • Fit and athletic – If you work out, but not too much or if you have well-defined shoulders and muscular legs but a slim waist, then slim, regular, and relaxed fits will surely draw attention to that body you’ve worked hard for.
  • Stocky and muscular – If every day is leg day for you at the gym, your best options would be regular and relaxed jeans. These styles are flattering and don’t make you look heavy or too bulky.
  • Wide hips – If your hips are wider than your waist, regular, relaxed and loose-fit jeans would work best on your figure.
  • Large midsection – If you have extra in the waist, thighs, buttocks, and calves department, go for loose-fitting and relaxed-fit jeans with a wide, straight leg.

This basic guide gives you an idea of the type of jeans to look for, especially when you’re shopping online and won’t be able to try the clothes on in person. Go find the perfect pair that suits you best.