Singapore Attractions: More to Come in Sentosa Island

Little boy in cable car to SentosaAlthough Singapore has been known to be a hub for business and commerce in Asia, the city-state also offers endless entertainment and fun for families who visit. Singapore boasts many natural attractions and cultural sites that keep any family busy. As a matter of fact, even with just Sentosa attraction packages, you and your family will be able to have all the fun in the world.

The Island of Fun

You may have already heard about Sentosa. Sentosa is an island off Singapore that was developed as a leisure destination and island getaway. The place offers shopping centres, resorts, golf courses, rainforests, a marina, and residences, on top of its famed beaches. You can spend two days on the island and still have more to explore.

Better Connectivity

In spite of the already impressive offers in Sentosa, you can expect to find more to enjoy in the future as new developments are being planned. The Merlion Gateway will receive a 450-meter elevated walkway which will be wide enough for strollers and wheelchairs. Expected to open by 2021, the walkway will be able to connect pedestrians to a cable car station, monorail stations, and a coach terminal. The Merlion statue itself will also be revamped with new features.

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New or Added Attractions

This coming August, you can already visit Sentosa for the opening of its first bungee tower at Siloso Beach. The tower will be 50-meters tall. Sometime later in the year, two new tracks will also be added to the go-kart ride, the Skyline Luge.

Executives have also teased the addition of a new attraction on a sloping one-hectare lot. You can find the new attraction in the future between Imbiah Lookout and Siloso Beach. The new attraction has been described to fuse elements of nature and adventure that may appeal to thrill-seekers, young adults, and families.

As you wait for these developments to come to pass, you can first enjoy the already many attractions located on Sentosa island. You can even explore the whole Singapore as well.