Understanding the Different Types and Styles of Sunglasses

Woman wearing her favorite sunglassesEverybody is ready and willing to teach you all about sunglasses’ lens colour and shape. Unfortunately, nobody tells you about the styles that you should look for when shopping.

Next time you buy from a vendor who sells wholesale sunglasses in the UK, remember that you need to get a pair that fits your eyes, the shape of your face, your style and your personality. International Eyewear cites the different types and styles of sunglasses available today.

The Classic Shades

Thanks to their elegant, simple and clean shapes, classic shades still carry the demeanour they did 50 years ago. They are versatile because they are available in various designs. These include aviators, classic rounds, club masters and wayfarers. In addition, they are suitable for both men and women. To stand out from the rest, you can choose shades that have a distinctive colour or a pair with multiple tone frames.

Diversified Textiles

With the development of technology and science, modern shades are easily being made from various materials other than plastic and metal. Other innovative materials, such as wood, rubber, leather and eco-friendly bamboo are becoming increasingly popular.

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The statement frames

These sunglasses allow you to make a statement because they boldly state your personal style. As such, you have to let them steal the show whether it is through embellishments or an unexpected shape. The bottom line is, pair these shades up with a simple outfit and minimal makeup.

The Oversized Frames

If not chosen carefully, these sunglasses can easily overwhelm your face. To keep this from happening, ensure that you choose the lens and frame that complements your face shape.

Buying sunglasses requires careful considerations and tests. You should not just walk into a shop and get one. Choose the right lens and frame for your eyes and face. In addition, if you are a bulk buyer, ensure that you get the details and preferences of your clients before buying wholesale sunglasses.