Demystifying Myths About Your Hair

You may have been a victim of the false beliefs about hair care. This guide will help you learn the myths about your hair. You’ll be able to differentiate facts from myths, so you can get the best hair care experience.

Myth #1: Hair color damages your hair and causes it to lose its natural shine

It’s true that you might damage your hair, especially when you use the wrong coloring agent and you don’t follow the right procedure. A trusted salon in Denver notes that you can maintain your shiny, colored hair with proper care.

Myth #2: Brushing 100 strokes every night will make your hair shiny and healthy

With a proper brush, you can remove tangled hair from the ends and distribute the oils generated in your scalp. But, honestly, a hundred strokes is unnecessary. All you need to do is brush your hair moderately before going to bed to reduce breakage.

Myth #3: Your hair grows faster when you trim it frequently

You cannot do anything to speed the process of hair growth. Your hair gets shorter every time you trim it. Trimming is a good practice because it keeps your hair healthy by removing split ends.

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Myth #4: Change your shampoo frequently, as your hair growth will stagnate if it is used to one type

Different shampoos work better for different hair textures. Get to know yours. It is not wrong to stick to one type of shampoo. The only advice, though, is to consider using hydrating types of shampoo and conditioners during winter, as the cold weather dehydrates your hair faster.

Now that you know the facts, there’s no more reason to believe the myths. Visit the nearest salon and ask an expert about the hair care regimen that is right for you.