4 Tips on Choosing Your Weddng Venue in Kent

Kent is a popular tourist destination in the UK. This is perhaps because it has everything you could possibly want: beautiful seascapes, gorgeous architecture (think historic castles), a healthy diversity of culture, great food establishments and various other attractions.

The Garden of England, for example, is a popular wedding destination and venue. Whether you wish to have a wedding that is regal, rustic or somewhere in between, you are sure to find your wedding venue in Kent.

Find out how you can find the perfect place to hold your wedding ceremony or reception in this lovely place:

Consider your wedding theme

Everything starts with your wedding theme. Are you planning a traditional garden wedding? Kent has a number of wedding venues with manicured lawns and verdant gardens. Do you want your special day to be modern? Consider wedding venues with more sophisticated and contemporary architecture.

Do you want it to be regal and luxurious? Think about castles or manors. If you are thinking of something more simple, rustic and close to nature, then consider farms or barns.

Set your budget

You have narrowed your options down to venues that suit your wedding theme. It is time to trim it down further to places that fit your budget. Be ready to remove some of your top options from the list. You cannot just allot a huge chunk of your budget to your venue, as this will remove your flexibility to spend on other equally important things, such as your wedding gown and the food.

Check the venue package inclusions

Consider both full-service venues and others that allow you to bring in other vendors. Remember, you must think about catering, decorations, tables and chairs, lighting, sound system and so on. Will you save more money if you source these items or services out or have them as part of the venue package? Determine if it will be worth the extra effort to find the most affordable vendors.

Consider your guests

If you are planning an intimate ceremony or a huge celebration and you have more guests on the list, you must find a bigger venue. Another thing to consider is your guests’ comfort. If it is a destination wedding and your guests are flying in from around the world, choose a venue that is near hotels.

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Planning a wedding is never easy, but you can reduce the stress and the costs by making the right decisions. Follow these tips to ensure the success of your wedding ceremony and reception.