Want to Get Hints on a New Friend’s Personality? Let Them Eat Cake

Two girls on tea time eating cake

If you want to know whether you will hit it off with a person you’ve just met, serve them cake and observe the way they eat it.

For cake lovers, it’s easy to down a single slice without even blinking. The best kinds are the moist ones with filling or frosting that’s not too sweet; just enough to satisfy your craving – much like those offered by shops like Europan Corp.

Not everyone, however, eats his or her cake the same way. As a matter of fact, the way people enjoy their slice can give you clues on whether you can venture into a new relationship, regardless if it’s a new friendship or a business partnership.

Here are some ways you can draw a new acquaintance’s personality out by the way they enjoy their cake:

If they order your favorite flavor

Ah, there’s a good friend. If this person doesn’t share your obsession with buttercream but orders it anyway because they know it’s your favorite, they are likely the kind of person who puts others first.

If they try a bit of everything

Individuals who like to taste rather than finish an entire slice may find the idea of committing a bit daunting. What if this flavor doesn’t sit well with my taste buds? What if a better option comes along? For this person, there’s no getting a slice until they’re sure they’ve found the best flavor.

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If they order their cake with ice cream

If a person layers dollops of creamy, dairy goodness on top of their decadent treat, this person likely knows how to have fun. They’re not one to go with mediocrity, and are likely to “go big or go home.”

If they love carrot cake

Carrot cake lovers tend to be sensible and grounded. They are wont to analyze pros and cons before making big decisions, without letting go of their laidback and easy going attitude.

The next time you find someone who seems like a promising new friend, bring them to the café. Regardless if they eat their cake with a spoon or by the handful, it’s not just their treat that’s served up on the plate – their personality is, too.