Guide to Getting a Good Botox Treatment

A woman getting a Botox injection

Lack of information on Botox has led to severe facial freezing and time wasted in regrets hoping your eyebrows will even out again. Now, learn how to get good Botox services with minimal bruises, long lasting results, and a natural-looking facial structure.

An experienced professional in Salt Lake City shares some important information about Botox treatment.

Less Is Better

The secret to getting your face back in shape without making significant and visible changes is always getting less than you think you need. If you decide you want more or once you have gotten used to your newer and fresher look, you can always go back to your doctor. If you are afraid it might change you too much, then do not overdo it.

Reduce the Bruising

Bruising is common during Botox treatment, but only if you do not know what to do. According to a study, you can have minimal bruising if you avoid the gym for at least a week before your treatment. Also avoid taking medications, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, omega3, fish oil supplements, Aleve, Motrin, and blood thinning medicine. Reason being, all these thin your blood and increase the chances of bruising.

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Get the Right Angle

The angle of injecting Botox is only critical around the eyes. According to a study, injections around the eyes should be superficial – barely under the skin, to avoid bruising and get excellent results. The only way your doctor can do this is if he injects you from an angle. If your doctor insists on injecting your crow’s feet the same way he does on any other facial area, then you should probably get another doctor.

If you are concerned about looking unnatural, it is advisable that you seek help from a qualified plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Always ensure that you go for a consultation before the treatment. This will help you build a doctor-patient relationship and express yourself better.