The Consequences of Disregarding a Dental Implant Procedure

Single Tooth ImplantTooth loss is inevitable, especially during aging. It can also be a result of neglecting proper tooth and gum care as many people oversee the importance of having a healthy set of teeth.

Fortunately, dentists are always on the lookout when it comes to providing exceptional dental solutions such as a dental implant. Below, learn the consequences of disregarding this important dental procedure.

Bone Loss

A dental implant will help protect your healthy bones. It is the only dental restoration option that preserves and stimulates the natural bone, allowing for bone growth and preventing bone loss. The procedure prevents the jawbone from deteriorating which succeeds a process known as resorption.

Jaw Misalignment

Missing teeth can cause jaw misalignment, affecting a person’s bite and gum line. Apart from risking the wellness of your jaw, this also affects the way it opens and closes. A temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMJ disorder is probable as well.

Shifting of the Teeth

Without a dental implant, you leave a space inside your mouth, causing your remaining teeth to shift to fill the gap. A practice that provides tooth implants in Birmingham says that when your teeth move, you are more prone to chewing problems and jaw misalignment.

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Risk of Gum Disease and Decay

When food gets stuck in the space that misses a tooth, you are at higher risk of developing decay and gum disease. Other than hurting your gums, the debris that remains inside your mouth can significantly affect your healthy, natural teeth.

Inconvenience When Eating

A dental implant can significantly help you in chewing and digesting your food. It allows you to eat without hesitation and without fearing that you’ll hurt your gums. You can bite naturally unlike when you have a missing tooth or when using removable dentures.

You may be afraid of getting a dental implant, but when your dentist says that you need it, listen to his advice. It will aid you when eating and will also ensure the best form of your teeth and gums.