Smile Facts and Stats You Should Know

Asian woman wiping wet hairs after bathroom with blanket with happy smile on her faceYou have probably heard the saying that it is better to smile than to frown. Indeed, you only need to use 17 muscles for smiling compared to 43 muscles for frowning.

Apart from this interesting tidbit, there are many other facts and stats about smiles – and smiling – you ought to know, which is why a regular visit to your dentist in Taree, such as, makes more sense.

A woman who smiles a lot is more attractive

Studies claim that a lady smiling is more appealing than a woman wearing makeup, well, at least from the perspective of men. Good thing, women smile more than men do.

People who smile a lot live longer

There is an unbreakable tie between our physical and emotional health. Studies showed that smiling boost the immune system, extending one’s lifespan by up to 7 years.
How? Every time you smile to the point of squinting your eyes, you reduce cortisol in your body.

People smile even before they were born

Indeed, babies smile while still inside their mothers’ womb. This is, in fact, one of our innate abilities since even blind babies know how to smile, as scientists observed. Newborn babies also smile more in their sleep. This makes smiling as our first facial expression ever.

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You can detect a smile even from 300 feet away

Speaking of facial expressions, smiling is one of the most recognisable one. A person can determine whether another individual is a friend or foe through a smile that you can see from up to 300 feet away.

A fake smile still works

Although researchers had already categorised 19 types of smiles from polite to overjoyed, even the fakest of a smile can do wonders. As you smile, you hit certain muscles that prompt the brain to release endorphins – the happy hormones.

A smile is universal. It is not just a sign of happiness but can also transcend beyond borders. A smile can break barriers. So put a smile on your face now.