Consequences of Tooth Loss You may not Know About

Tooth LossIn many cases, a person who has tooth decay or some other issue with a tooth or several teeth would have the problem tooth or teeth extracted. Then they would leave the dentist’s office without discussing options for replacing what they lost.

Even if it’s a question of losing just one or two teeth, you should never ignore their absence. The tooth decay problem may be gone, but that does not mean you are safe from other dental issues. Here are reasons you should get replacements for your lost teeth.

Lost teeth affect appearance

This is the most obvious reason you should ask a dental clinic like Smile Designs Dentistry about teeth replacements, particularly dental implants in Manteca, CA. A toothless or gapped grin is unsightly. It may cause you embarrassment and affect not just your appearance but your self-confidence.

Even if the affected teeth are in areas not visible when you’re smiling, eating or speaking, they may still have an effect on your appearance. Teeth form a “wall” against which some of your facial muscles rest. Without that wall, your face will sag, and you will look older than you really are.

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The gap is more exposed to bacteria

You may think your tooth decay issues are over, but with that gap between your remaining teeth there is more room for food to be stuck. The debris is broken down by bacteria, which form plaque. The teeth beside the gap may be affected and soon fall victim to decay, as well.

The gums and jawbone recede

There is no more stimulation on the gum and jawbone where your tooth used to be. Because of this, the gum may soon lose mass, and the jawbone in the area may also follow. As a result, the remaining teeth may move and lose strength, and the tooth opposite the gap may grow into it. You have a higher chance of losing your remaining teeth because of this.

It is a bad idea to just leave that gap between your teeth. Ask your dentist about implants to prevent these problems from happening.