On a Budget? The Free Things You Can Do in London

Night time in LondonA visit to London is well within your means, but that is only if you research and plan well. Many people say that this city can be costly to tour and stay in even for a few days, but that is not entirely true. Some prices may be the most expensive in the world, but there are ways to reduce your expenditure. How? Look for the free things. This is one of the few cities in the world that offers many things to do, free of charge.

Why is London a Good Choice for Backpackers

The truth is that backpackers love coming to London as they find this enchanting city, both exciting and interesting. You can visit several museums, view the wonderful architecture around the city, chill in the local parks, go on long hikes, or enjoy the nightlife. If you book in advance, you might have the chance to score an affordable London hostel with private rooms in a prime location. This way, you can explore the city without breaking the bank.

Free, Free, Free in London

Visit all public museums in the city, as the British Government does not charge visitors. They believe that the renowned collections of history and art exhibits should be open to the public. There are large green spaces in the city, like Hyde Park in London, and parks in the suburbs, such as Richmond, Greenwich, and Hampstead Heath.

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If you like window-shopping, you can browse through the displays in one of its many marketplaces. The markets of London offer almost every item you would want. You can likewise take a tour to see the Blue Plaques, where you can find the homes of historical figures with an explanation of who lived where. A walk along the South bank to watch street performers is also free and so is the Friday night skating option.

Do not believe it when people say that London is a costly place to be in. There are many things you can enjoy for free and all you need is to find them.