Don’t Wait Before It’s Too Late to Go to the Dentist!

Kid showing his loss toothWhen dealing with oral or mouth problems, a trip to the dentist should always be the first and immediate concern. But if you put it off, things can get so much worse that you’ll be in a world of more hurt than you could imagine.

Did you know that a toothache is possibly the most painful thing you could go through? Barring surgery recovery, of course. Your teeth protect a bunch of very sensitive nerves. Any infection or tooth damage exposes these nerves and puts you in a lot of pain.

Don’t wait for these things to happen before you do something about your teeth:

Your Face Is Completely Swollen

Did you know that when your face and gums are swollen, numbing agents and anesthesia could be completely out of the question? The gums could be so full of infection that no anesthesia could penetrate to the nerves. Glenlake Dental Care and any other good dentist in Wilmette could tell you that too-swollen gums mean it may be too late for some treatment options.

Your Kids’ Baby Teeth Are Completely Rotten

Contrary to popular belief, fixing baby teeth is imperative to your children’s permanent munchers coming in straight. If you’re lucky, good dental practices in their early years may help them avoid braces and painful procedures completely.

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Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Sometimes, if all your wisdom teeth are hurting at the same time and they aren’t erupting, you may be faced with a whole mouth of pain. Ask your dentist if you need some of them extracted or if you can leave them alone. You don’t want to have to take emergency leave or days off from work for something that could have been avoided.

So don’t wait for your whole face to be swollen, your children’s teeth to be all rotten, and your wisdom teeth to be in pain to take that trip to the dentist.