3 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Manage Dental Anxiety

Dental AnxietyMany children are afraid of visiting their dentists. Whilst this can be related to childhood anxiety, many adults experience the same fear. In a British Dental Health Foundation survey, researchers found that among the 36 percent of people who do not see their dentists regularly, fear is the main reason.

Now, what is great is that there are private dentists in Kingston upon Thames who offer sedation dentistry for patients who suffer from dental anxiety or phobia. But there are other ways to manage your fear. Consider these tips for your next dental visit:

Let your dentist know about your fears and anxieties

Do not let your pride get in the way of getting better dental health. If you are a bit nervous, tell your dentist. In fact, simply voicing out your concerns can relieve stress and calm the nerves. If your dentist knows that you are a bit apprehensive, he or she can find ways to help you feel more relaxed for the procedure.

Ask if you can play soothing music from your own playlist

Many dental practices have soothing background music on a loop to help patients relax and the dentists focus. If you have your own playlist of relaxing music, ask your dentist if you can use it instead.

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Take your time

Admitting your fear and concerns can give you more time to settle your nerves before the procedure. Taking your time means getting words of encouragement from your dentist, doing breathing exercises and learning about the procedure and what each instrument does. These will allow you to calm down and get ready for the procedure.

If you do not say anything, your dentist cannot help you feel comfortable. Remember, the more relaxed you are, the better the dentist can work. After all, your comfort is one of your dentist’s top concerns.