What Are The Advantages of Having a Hospitalist In Your Team?

A Hospitalist

A HospitalistYou’ve probably heard of the term “hospitalist” somewhere but what exactly does it mean? Simply put, a hospitalist is a medical doctor who is focused on your care while you are in the hospital. Hospitalists are usually internists who act as primary physicians to inpatients.

During the duration of your stay at the hospital, the hospitalist and your primary doctor are in regular contact to give you the best care needed. Here are some of the advantages hospitals and patients enjoy if they have hospitalists in their teams.

24-Hour Availability

Having a hospitalist in your team means having an on-site staff member available all the time, notes an expert from Emergency Staffing Solutions. There is a great advantage in having someone available for emergency admissions, questions and other concerns.

Familiarity with Hospital Process

A well-trained hospitalist is very familiar with the hospital’s processes. This means that he or she will be able to answer concerns and questions about the hospital’s procedures efficiently and effectively. This is very important in cases when there is a need for treatment changes or adjustments.

Faster Admission

A hospitalist admission means shorter waiting time from the ER to a private or semi-private room. This is important for busy hospitals that have a regular outpour of emergency cases. It is also beneficial for patients because they don’t have to wait long to get transferred if you go through hospitalist admission.

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Personalized Care

A hospitalist is able to provide patients and families with more time than a primary care doctor for questions and other concerns. But because the hospitalist is in touch with the patient’s primary doctor, specialists and family members, he or she is able to provide a more personalized care through improved and constant communication.

Better Health Care for All

There are many more great advantages in having a hospitalist in the team. It’s not just the patients who benefit from the improved communication and admission but also the doctors, specialists and the entire hospital staff.