EEOICPA Part B: Do You Know How Much the Claims Cover?

Learning about EEOICPA Part B On 31 July 2001, EEOICPA (Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Act) Part B went into effect. It talks about the benefits of EEOICPA claims for employees who worked at nuclear facilities and developed work-related illnesses. It also talks about the coverage that will be given to the beneficiaries.

You can get a particular amount of money when you file a claim and qualify. You should, therefore, learn the right way to file a claim. You should also learn how much the claim covers.

100% Sure That You are Covered?

If you are suffering from an illness because you worked at a nuclear facility, you can file an EEOICPA claim. If the illness has nothing to do with your work, you might get turned down. Ask for professional help if you’re unsure whether you’re eligible or not. Some organizations provide information about the program.

Contractors and Subcontractors

If you have worked for the DOE (Department of Energy), you can get the benefits. As EEOICPA Part B states,contractors and subcontractors are also eligible. Generally, you are covered as long as you became ill due to your work in a nuclear facility.

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Beneficiaries are Covered, Too

Your beneficiaries can get all of the benefits the claim offers. As provided for in Part B of EEOICPA, if something happens to you, the people who are listed as your beneficiaries will be the ones to get the compensation, as well as the other benefits. They can also file a claim for you.

You should know the basics of these claims because you can get compensation to cover the costs of living and the medical expenses. You should also know about EEOICPA Part B, as well as Part E. This way, you can be aware of the coverage and you can make the most out of the claim.