Break the Habit: Teeth Grinding Damages Your Teeth and Jaw

Teeth Grinding

Teeth GrindingA high level of stress at least once in your life, whether it is because of work or your personal affairs, is inevitable. You might be dealing with the stress by subconsciously grinding your teeth, however. Keep in mind that this is a terrible habit to have as it could lead to tooth loss and permanent jaw injury.

Admittedly, breaking a habit — deliberate or not — is a difficult task. You need to do it if you want to avoid causing damage to your teeth and jaw, though. Here is what dental practices like Jiva Dental want you to know about teeth grinding.

People Are Often Unaware of Teeth Grinding

As mentioned above, people tend to grind their teeth subconsciously, and, more often than not, it is because of stress and tension. You may not be aware of the act, but you could be doing it to keep yourself cool and collected on demanding or nerve-wracking days.

On the other hand, teeth grinding may be a sleeping habit, which you would have no control over. Doctors have, in fact, observed that people who unknowingly put pressure on jaw muscles while they sleep tend to grind their teeth. So, it is best that you take some precautions to break the habit even while you are drifting in dreamland.

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Precautionary Measures are as Important as Conscious Efforts

When you are asleep, you have no control over what your body does. As such, doctors suggest that you stay away from sweets, alcohol and caffeinated beverage before heading off to bed. By limiting your intake, you could minimise the instances of teeth grinding, saving your teeth and jaw from future damage.

On another note, you could make the conscious effort to stop chewing gum or on plastic pen caps because such behaviour makes your jaw muscles used to clinching. More importantly, though, you should drop by your local dentist and discuss what you ought to do about the issue with them.

By combining precautionary measures and conscious efforts, you could do your teeth and jaw a favour. Get rid of the unconscious habit of teeth grinding that damages your teeth and jaw.