Pucker Up: Giving Your Partner a Passionate, Satisfying Kiss

Kissing TechniqueKissing can be an intense moment for couples. It’s such an intimate thing to do: you both step into your personal zones and literally end up breathing each other in.

A kiss can tell someone a lot about couple compatibility, whether they’re into someone or not. Moreover, a good kissing technique can pave the way for a long-term relationship, so it’s important that couples know the secrets behind a good kiss.

Maintain a Clean and Fresh Breath

Bow House Dental frequently reminds patients to take care of their oral health — and its importance is never more apparent than when you’re about to start lip-locking. Bad breath and an unhygienic mouth are an immediate turn-off, after all! In fact, in a study published in Evolutionary Psychology, oral hygiene is a prerequisite for a good, passionate kiss. The findings show that women evaluate their partners based on how their breath smells and their mouth tastes. So, visit your dentist regularly and always carry a mint in your pocket!

Read Your Partner's Behaviour

Maybe you’re into wet kisses and rather aggressive snogging. That doesn’t necessarily mean your partner wants the same thing, though. Depending on their mood, they might just want a closed-mouthed peck. To keep things safe, start out slow. Match your partner’s tempo and keep it natural and relaxed — gentle touches to the body, a little bit of tongue and intense gazes in between. Once you’re both into it, it will be easier to take things from there.

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Too much Eagerness is a Turn Off

Sleazy kissers just aren’t sexy, and it’ll turn your partner off when they realise you just want to get in their pants. Just because you and your partner have spent the last few minutes in a passionate lip-lock, it doesn’t mean you’ll end up shagging as well. There are limits to foreplay, and making out can exist without leading to anything more. So, take it slow, enjoy the moment, and respect your partner’s boundaries. It’s better to leave your partner wanting more than imposing yourself on them.

Kissing has a lot to do with relationship satisfaction. As long as you have good oral hygiene, read your partner’s body language and keep it natural, you’re bound to pull off a passionate, satisfying kiss.