How You Unknowingly Stain Your Teeth

Unexpected Causes of Dental Stains in GainsboroughWho wants to have unsightly dental stains? As much as you tried to minimise your coffee and tea intake, your teeth just keep on yellowing, and you have no idea why.

If a couple of visits to a Gainsborough dental care provider offered some explanation, yet the problem persists, you may want to know what is behind the yellowing smile. Here are the ways you unknowingly stain your teeth:

Lemonade and Sports Drinks

While they are often pinpointed as the culprits behind dental stains, coffee and tea are not the only beverages that ruin your smile. The acidic lemonade, infused with sugar and other sweeteners, takes a toll on tooth enamel, as it contributes to the wear of the protective layer. Dentists warn of citrus abuse for this reason. High levels of acidity eventually lead to more tooth and gum problems, apart from the ugly stains.

Sports drinks, on the other hand, contain artificial colouring. While diluted, frequently guzzling litres of it causes bacteria to accumulate on the teeth’s surface, which then leads to yellowing.

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Swimming Pools

If you cannot do without your daily wade in the pool, you may be at risk of getting a stubborn brown stain on your smile. Surprised? A 2012 research shows that lengthy exposure to chemically treated water, especially among competitive swimmers, lead to them having yellowish-brown stains on their teeth.

In addition to stains, it turns out that the pool presents a number of dental hazards, including mouth injuries from diving accidents that require immediate medical attention.

Traumatic Injuries

Apart from being extremely painful, traumatic injuries that led to a chipped tooth may also cause greying. The impact may have damaged a nerve in the teeth, which then results in discolouration.

Cough Syrup

Cough syrup is sticky and has large amounts of sugar, so apart from leaving an awful taste in your mouth, it leaves equally awful stains on your teeth, after taking it repeatedly over a certain amount of time.

These are just some ways you may have unknowingly stained your otherwise perfect-looking teeth. Now that you know, try to steer clear of them, to at least minimise their effect, next time.