All the Reasons Beers on Tap Trump Their Bottled Versions

Restaurants in NundahIt’s beer o’clock, and after a long, hard day at work, all you want is to satisfy that parched throat of yours with really good tasting brew. So what do you order? Tap (draught) or bottled?

For many Australians, and even people from all over the world, beers on tap trump their bottled versions. And here are just a few reasons why.


Beer specifically made for bottling requires pasteurisation. In other words, it has to undergo heating for the purpose of killing any bacteria that may have grown during the time of bottling and its consumption. And while this is for health and sanitation purposes, the process has a side effect: it compromises the taste as well as the aromatic elements of the beer.

Restaurants in Nundah that offer beers on tap, on the other hand, make use of brews kept in kegs and casks. The manufacturing of these products do not require the same process as the bottled ones. Another plus is that once connected to the draft machine, the device keeps the liquid cool, so what you get is cold beer straight off the tap. And of course, you get more to drink a more flavourful, aromatic beverage.

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Decreased risk of oxidisation

During the storage process of beer, it constantly has to face its biggest enemy: oxygen. The main ingredients of beer, including hops, alcohol, and carbohydrates have a high tendency to oxidise. When stored for a long time, bottled brews lose their taste, and they even become bitter-tasting – in a negative way.

Since manufacturers of draught beer fill the containers to the brim, oxygen has little to no space to degrade its taste. And while some types of brews get better with age, only a few select do, but for the most part, age in storage, combined with oxidisation, makes these drinks bad tasting.

These are just some of the main differences between tap and bottled beers, so when you really want to curb that hunger for a great-tasting brew, go for the tap ones.