3 Tips for Children Caring for Aging Parents

Senior CareOne day, your parents won’t be able to look after themselves. Right now, they’re getting weaker – slowly losing the ability to do little things. They don’t come to family trips anymore. They’d rather stay home to play with the grandkids than go with them to the amusement park. All of this may come as a bit sad. But, of course, aging is part of life. Now, your task is how to make life as easy as possible for your folks while not neglecting yourself at the same time.

Don’t quit your job on impulse

You see your parents getting weaker. You look at your bank account and you do have some money set aside. The first thought in your head is to take an extended leave from work by quitting your current employment. Having time to spend with your parents is a precious aspiration. However, not only do you lose your current income but you will definitely hurt your retirement savings. The gap on your resume may also hurt your chances of getting a good job when you decide to come back.

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Don’t do everything yourself

As their kid, you might want to do everything yourself. However, there are a lot of downsides to this. Not only are you not qualified to give special care to the elderly, you also can’t be with them all the time due to work. Services like home caregiving and rheumatoid arthritis assistance are worth looking into. You’ll get the chance to help them improve their wellbeing and actually afford to spend time with them on your non-work hours.

Create a budget

It’s easy to overlook the need to budget for this new phase in your life as a family. Before making drastic decisions like quitting your job, make sure you figure out if you can afford to do so. It starts with creating a budget. What are their new needs? What are the anticipated costs for the future? Speak with friends with experience in this regard. Read up on books and blogs about caregiving and looking after older people. You need to have the resources to support your parents and help them manage their retirement income if they have it.

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This is a bittersweet time in any child’s life. Seeing the people who took care of you needing to be taken care of is something that’s tough to deal with. These tips could help you during this time.