Surviving the First Fight: Pointers for the Beginner Self-Defense Student

Self-Defense Congratulations for learning self-defense, since it’s an important skill for overcoming life-threatening situations. However, here is a short four-point list to summarize what you should do if you can’t avoid fighting. These are vital suggestions for your survival so pay attention.

Spot Check

A term commonly used in tabletop or video games, a spot check means checking your surroundings for points of interest. Spot all potentially dangerous elements such as weapons, people and spots within the area as quickly and efficiently as possible. Train your eyes and mind to coordinate danger and safety signals like suspicious, concealed objects, aggressive stances, and places where you can hide.

Dodging and Defending

The reason for either move is to protect vital body parts. Either move can be applied in a fight but it’s entirely up to your discretion which should be used at the right time. Can you dodge a hit? If not, then block and get back to a defensive. Thinking two steps ahead can get you to safety faster and that includes knowing which move to perform.

Precision Strikes

Striking fast and hitting the right points on an assailant is a more efficient way of defending yourself then unnecessary shows of power. If dealing the first blow make sure it counts. Aim for tender parts like the eyes, groin, jaw, and knees. Many muggers and rapists assume their target is weak and vulnerable, so showing expertise in your hits is a potential deterrent.

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Call For Help

Finding an escape route or assistance is necessary during a fight. If you weren’t able to find help then, do so afterwards. Go to the authorities and report what happened. Have yourself checked by your doctor and point out where your aches and pains are. If the consequent struggle has damaged your teeth or jaw, find an orthodontist or an ortho lab and see what can be done for your sudden dental issues, suggests Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab.

Regardless what situation you’re in, please remember to think about safety first. Don’t aim to look tougher than you know you are just because you know self-defense. After all, self-defense also includes teaching when to escape and fight another day.